Oral Passion

Oral passion early in the morning. After one week without ejaculation and no wanking, I woke up with a terrible need for a blowjob. I know that I am going to ejaculate a massive load of thick semen. Whenever I mention to her my well-filled testicles, she sends back a smiley and a yummy tongue. I warn her about the massive quantity of sperm stocked between my legs. She laughs and comes home to give Daddy her mouth to ejaculate inside. If you can swallow it, please do it, baby. Yes, Daddy, I will try my best for you.

Hold It Back

I put my cock inside her mouth gently and slowly to start the drill. But, at this point, I already know it is going to be very difficult not to cum all at once in less than a minute. Today my penis is very sensitive and my balls are claiming to expel the overdose of hot milk inside. Nevertheless, I stay calm and very cool, in order to make it last as long as I can. Slowly and gently, I uncover the foreskin of my cock, feeling her mouth all around my penis glans. Emphatically, that is a tremendous moment here!

Massive Oral Cumshot

Indeed, as expected, I couldn’t hold back my semen as long as I would like to. She literally suckles my cock and keeps on blowing it in without moving along. That was too much for me to handle. I just let nature do her job, and let the juice flow. I know it is a lot and she won’t be able to swallow it. When the first jerk is expelled, she is about to throw up because I know it went directly into her throat. As long as I am ejaculating, she keeps on suckling and tried to swallow but the flow was so furnished, that she couldn’t handle it. Anyway, that was a great moment to exchange our fluid through her mouth!