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This my first video with that little ebony prostitute I found on the beach selling her pussy around. After a couple of minutes bargaining the terms, she agreed coming to my place to blow my dick and let me cum in mouth. Very cheap price 50$. Fortunately I didn’t cum for a week or more and I am eager to empty my balls in her filthy black mouth. She blows very good and I couldn’t wait no more than 8 minutes before I cum in her mouth a huge load of sticky semens, Watching her eyes when she gets her mouth full of cum, I assume she got surprised by the strong taste and big amount of my juice!


Africa is full of little prostitue who can surprise you anytime. I found that girl in a night club and settled a rendez vous the following day. She pretends to do ebony rim job. Once she got home, we start the drill and yes indeed, she blow my asshole like a pro. She is the first girl I met who put her tongue in my anus and blow it in. That was so good and nice I enjoyed her mouth suck my butt. She licked my balls blow my dick untill I cum inside her mouth my entire balls content. She was surprised and I was too. She is a very good sucker and the rim job was the best I ever received. Good girl and good rim job.



New African Blow Job Performer

I met this new african blow job performer at the beach. I love her style. and because of that I want to try her african blow job skill she boasts. Nice silhouette, her mouth and I am eager to taste her mouth with my penis. Once at home, I get naked at once, wash my dick and sit down on the couche legs wide opened. She bends down her knees and we kisse, I caress her a bit and feel her hard ass. Her ass is muscled and has a terrible body. Her boobs are pretty fine. So let’s try her mouth!

My Dick In Her Mouth

Her mouth around my cock is an oral heaven. And like most of those teen girls, she learned how to suck a dick watchng porn. She is totally awesome and she plays with her lips and tongue all around my dick like a pro. Honnestly This little ebony whore impresses me. I watch her lips wrapping up around my penis, she sometimes deep throat me and I have hard time holding back mu juice at once. So after a couple of minutes of that drill I can’t stand the hit and I grab my cock to send the juice out of my balls.

Cum In Mouth

I pull on my dick to activate the cum jeyser. She misses the first load but get back on the second and finishes to receive my loads inside her mouth. I know it”s hard for her to do that. I can see it by her attitude. She does her best not to spit it at once, prentending that she is ok with that. Actually she doesn’t like the taste but she has to bear it. I love to impose that to a girl who prentend. After having her mouth filled with my cum, she gives me a kiss and goes to the bathromm to spit the juice!

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