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I want he to swallow sperm today and she is ok despite the fact that she never did it before. Swallow sperm is going to be her first time. So I am going to cum a very thick and sticky load inside her mouth for her to drink it. For a very cheap price, she agrees on that. I want her to taste cum and drink some to get used to doing it. She is going to be able to swallow some every time I want and she might even be appreciated that.Who knows

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I insert my cock inside her mouth, not to deep for her not to throw up at once. Remember, this is an initiation, I don’t want her to be traumatized. So gently and slowly I push my cock inside and feel her mouth around my stick. I definitely want to push as strong and deep as I can but I am going to be gentle. My cock is hard as hell and I am going to unload all my balls content inside her little sluty mouth! Mmmm!

Huge Load Of Sticky Semen

At this point, I take out my dick and wank it a bit to trigger the shot. When I feel the juice flowing out, I aim at her mouth after having asked her to open her mouth and take out her tongue. I shoot my juice inside her mouth and fill her tongue with man milk! She can now discover the biter and salty taste of man juice, and I feel like she doesn’t like it so much. When I am done delivering the hot cum, I just order her to swallow it and she does it. This is her first time but not the last, and she is going to try it more until she loves it!




Swallow Man Milk For The New Year

To celebrate the new year, my little ebony chick is going to swallow man milk. After 10 days of abstinence because of traveling abroad, I need my black girlfriend slut to swallow man milk as a new practice for the year 2020. Every time she blows my dick, not to jerk inside her mouth is a challenge. When I was flying back home, I got so horny thinking about jerking off inside her mouth for her to swallow all packet. I decided to do it. Back home I call her to make my dream come true.

My Cock gets Hard In Her Mouth

It doesn’t take long for my cock to become hard after she starts working on it with her mouth. Today I am not going to hold back my juice in order to cum between her legs. I am going to let myself enjoy the pleasure of exploding inside her mouth. The challenge is for her to stand the flow inside her throat and swallow all the packet. When you stay 10 days without cuming, your balls stock thick and tasty juice to release it with force at the very moment. The more you wait, the thicker and stronger is the juice.

Cum Inside Her Mouth

After some minutes of blowjob, I know I won’t hold back anymore my milk. I just let myself enjoy the pleasure of letting me jerk inside her mouth. She is so sweet and soft, and this the first time she tastes daddy’s juice. Her first time to swallow her master milk. I push in her mouth as the first load shakes my balls, releasing huge quantity. As a surprise, she stands the hit and swallows all my spunk without any issue. I know the taste is strong as hell but she seems to enjoy it. When I finish delivering her, she opens her mouth to show me that no leftover remains in it.

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Drinking Cum For Money

This drinking cum little African bitch calls me to get some money. Because she likes to be drinking cum, she loves money. What else could I need from a girl like her? Hmm, she comes home right after I give her my consent to come. I know she is going to be at the top. Usually, this African little pussy does very good blowjobs and of course, she does swallow the juice of god. Her mouth is soft and her tongue very skilled. I just have to relax on the couch and let her proceed to my juice extraction with her mouth!

Young African Testicles Licking

I like the way she blows my balls, staring at me to evaluate the pleasure on my face. She blows one ball after the other and keeps doing it until I order her to head on my dick. She knows how to increase the pressure on my testicles and release it when it’s too much. So after a couple of minutes of that drill, it leads her mouth to my penis, already hard. Slowly and gently she starts rubbing her tongue on my dick base, climbing up slowly to the top. When she gets at the top of it, she starts swallowing my entire shaft.

Semen Explosion in Her Mouth

She blows my dick head in and literally sucks it like a lollipop. Because I can’t stand the hit anymore, I grab my dick, wank it a bit to dispatch the juice in her mouth. She willingly opens her mouth and receives big loads inside. I toss the whole content of my balls inside her horny mouth. She is a real African slut and so she swallows all content, staring at me like a bitch. She knows she is just from earning money, she smiles watching my face right after pleasure!

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