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Massive Cum Load For my Ebony Teen

My balls are full today, and I really want to spit inside my black teen girlfriend. I woke up this morning with a terrible erection and my first with was to deliver that massive cum load directly in her skilly mouth. I send her a text message and here she is, always ready to please her daddy at any time. My penis is swollen and I know it will not take time before it explodes inside her mouth. What is best than waking up with a hard dick and a wish to cum in a mouth, and have that very mouth ready for you less than 30 minutes later?

Hard Dick Ebony Mouth

My cock is hard as hell as she starts sucking it. As you have already seen, she is a good sucker. Her mouth is soft and her tongue very skilled. I want the pleasure to last at his maximum. Therefore, not cuming within the two first minutes is a real challenge I have to face. She plays with my dick inside her mouth while her hand is wanking the shaft to get the juice. I am very proud to be able to hold back my juice over five minutes, but I am aware that I won’t stand long before unloading all the packs of sperm!

Cum Huge load In Her Young Mouth

After five minutes, I can’t hold back my juice anymore. I let myself explode in her mouth while she is still blowing her daddy. My penis contracts, releasing huge quantities of man milk. Because I want to see it today, she lets it drop out of her mouth, keeping on working on it. the pleasure of seeing the loads, in addition to her mouth blowing my cock, made me very happy for the rest of the day!




Swallow Man Milk For The New Year

To celebrate the new year, my little ebony chick is going to swallow man milk. After 10 days of abstinence because of traveling abroad, I need my black girlfriend slut to swallow man milk as a new practice for the year 2020. Every time she blows my dick, not to jerk inside her mouth is a challenge. When I was flying back home, I got so horny thinking about jerking off inside her mouth for her to swallow all packet. I decided to do it. Back home I call her to make my dream come true.

My Cock gets Hard In Her Mouth

It doesn’t take long for my cock to become hard after she starts working on it with her mouth. Today I am not going to hold back my juice in order to cum between her legs. I am going to let myself enjoy the pleasure of exploding inside her mouth. The challenge is for her to stand the flow inside her throat and swallow all the packet. When you stay 10 days without cuming, your balls stock thick and tasty juice to release it with force at the very moment. The more you wait, the thicker and stronger is the juice.

Cum Inside Her Mouth

After some minutes of blowjob, I know I won’t hold back anymore my milk. I just let myself enjoy the pleasure of letting me jerk inside her mouth. She is so sweet and soft, and this the first time she tastes daddy’s juice. Her first time to swallow her master milk. I push in her mouth as the first load shakes my balls, releasing huge quantity. As a surprise, she stands the hit and swallows all my spunk without any issue. I know the taste is strong as hell but she seems to enjoy it. When I finish delivering her, she opens her mouth to show me that no leftover remains in it.

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Spunk In Mouth For My Little Black Sucker

This is my first vidéo. Spunk in the mouth. It all starts with an African nice friend who is ok to blow my penis and get all my spunk in mouth. For that very special event, I did no sex for one week. Like no sex at all to save a maximum of man milk and deliver it all in her mouth. It asks me a big effort not to wank for a week. But in the end, the result is so good, I decided to do it more and more again in further videos.

Suck me tender

I lie down the couch, get my camera set up and open wide my legs. When she starts licking my dick head, I know the best challenge is to hold back my juice as long as I can. My rod in her mouth, that girl knows exactly how to poor sperm out of a dick. She blows and sucks like none else. My cock is about to explode at any time and it’s a hard job to hold back my juice and make the video last more than 30 seconds. She blows me in, staring at the camera. I do perform a real score by lasting so long in her black mouth!

Seminal Fluid Explosion

After a little more than seven minutes, I can’t hold back any more mu hot salt soup. I literally explode inside her mouth. My balls are tight and shaking hard to expel my sticky liquid candy inside her mouth. Huge loads of thick cum land inside, while she keeps on staring at me. Strong tasted and dense, the orgasm is huge and very productive. I know her mouth is full of mayonnaise tough she keeps on sucking my penis still tossing sperm. She then let it drop out of her mouth, staring at me and the camera like a pro. Awesome and powerful feeling by jerking that type of load inside her mouth!

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