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My Teen 18 Ebony Slut Needs Dady’s Load To Swallow

My ebony teen 18 needs Daddy’s load to swallow once again. How could I say no? Therefore, I joined her in the bedroom and started touching her nipples while she caressed my dick in my pant until it got hard. Once it is hard enough, she takes it out and wank it to grow as hard as it can be. Then she uncovers my glans and starts licking it before sucking it like a slut she really is. Her big lips are wrapping around my dick, keeping it warm and hot.

She Has The Best Lips I Ever Encountered Around My Cock

I really love to watch her beautiful hands squeezing my balls while her lips are working around my glans. Whoever created this rumor about the skin benefit of swallowing male semen is blessed by God. The only negative point of being blown and swallowed is that you often feel like you want to penetrate her pussy. It is like my cock and all my body needs to push in. I can’t push in her mouth too much, so this situation can trigger an ejaculation at any time. And this is what is happening right now!

Swallow My Cum Baby, It Is All For You And For Ever

I wank my cock to increase the ^ressure, grab her head with her mouth wide open, and then I shoot! What a tremendous relief to unload my male cum inside that beautiful little ebony mouth. Because I need to push in, I insert my dick in her mouth and let it explode inside. My beautiful ebony cute teen takes all my load in her mouth. Sorry for her but she let a drop fall out of her mouth. Apart from that, she swallowed the all load of cum.




Milking My Big Hard Cock

Milking my big hard cock is my ebony teen slut’s duty today. My little pussy hole has come home early today. She comes home before going to work. There is nothing better than an early morning blowjob to wake up happy. I love the sweet and soft skin of her hands playing with my dick through my panty. It gets harder and harder as long as she caresses my dick. The best part is when my cock is tearing aside my panty, and she uncovers it. My cock jumps out like a spring when she lets it appear.

Sweet Ebony lips wrapping Around My Big Hard Cock

What a tremendous relief to free my cock. Because it is hard as hell, it automatically aims at her mouth. She instinctively opens it and lets my penis glans land on her tongue. Her lips will close and wrap around my glans while the all gear is blowing me in. Then her head will start moving and blowing my dick like a sweet pussy hole. My cock feels perfectly comfortable, and I have to confess that I can’t last very long with that girl. Because her mouth is a penis heaven to jerk in, I have a real issue making her blowjobs last.

She Pumps My Cock And Drinks My Man Milk

Here is when I completely lose control of my body. This is the point of no return. The orgasm comes, slowly but surely. It invades my hip and burns my balls. The pleasure will be the rush in my cock and spit the load in her mouth. This is the real moment. I am jerking the hell inside her mouth. She does love my semen apparently and she will swallow it all. This little creature is so adorable, that I can’t help but kiss her after drinking Daddy. She is so cute.




Mouthful Ebony Teen Loves White Cock And Semen

My mouthful ebony teen is begging for Daddy’s semen to swallow. I was quite excited to receive her text calling my cock for sperm emptying. This is the kind of message that turns me on in one second. My cock gets hard and my mind is on my cock in her mouth swallowing my cum. I know I have a lot to ejaculate. I warned her about the quantity and the taste which is going to be real tough. When you don’t cum for three days, your sperm is stronger and thicker than if you cum every day. Whatever, she needs it now.

Teen Mouth Blowing Hard My cock and penis glans

Hopefully, It doesn’t take long before she comes here and kneels down before me with my cock in her mouth. She is pumping it as if she were going to pump the juice. because she is too gourmand with my cock and I am sure I won’t be able to last long. As a matter of fact, a couple of minutes later, I got to the point where I couldn’t hold back my semen anymore. I can delay it for some seconds, but I won’t last a minute.

Ebony Teen Mouth Drains All My Semen In Her Mouth

Here we are at the point of no return. The orgasm has already been triggered. I am about to empty my testicles in her mouth. None of this love liquor will be wasted. She is going to swallow it all. She was about to throw up because of the quantity. I was expecting her to let some drop out or even spit some. But she didn’t. She swallowed all the content of my testicles without even forcing. Dam, she is a real cum lover I guess. I hope she will need some more and more.


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