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My girlfriend is having the best African mouth I ever encountered. The best moment is when I sit on my bed and open wide my legs to offer my big white cock to her lips. There is a terrible feeling of domination when a girl is working with her mouth between your legs. As a matter of fact, she is also having that feeling of domination over me. She apparently loves to take control of me through my cock, control my pleasure and make me cum like hell. She is a real cock lover. What can I say?

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I am watching her do my cock, enjoying the drill. I sometimes feel like I should grab her head with both of my hands and pull it back on my cock with force. This is just a fantasy, I won’t do it obviously she wouldn’t”t be ok. Therefore, I keep on staring at her mouth wrapping around my cock. My body is trying to hold back my semen as long as possible. She knows I won”t last long, so she keeps on blowing. She knows I can’t win the game, and so do I.

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Now is the time to lose the fight. I definitely can’t hold back my semen anymore. She knows how to trigger me and here it is. The orgasm starts invading my hip while the first jerk rushes into her mouth. That is the signal for her to pump like a queen and bring maximum of pleasure into my cock. I am filling her mouth with my cum. I know she can’t swallow all. This is too much. Nevertheless, she takes her job with passion and keeps blowing Daddy until I am completely done. That is what I call a good sucker!