She Swallowed

Today she swallowed my semen. For graphical purposes, I use to ask her to let it drop from her mouth when I cum inside. Every time she lets it drop, she will complain off camera about all that liquor we waste by dropping it. This girl wants all my semen in her body, she doesn’t want it to be out. She believes that sperm can make your skin look better. There are also some local beliefs about all the benefits sperm can bring just by drinking it. Some girls drink their male’s sperm after sex, collecting it from used condoms.

Best Blowjobs

Not only she is the best dick sucker I ever met, but she is also a real cum lover. Well, this time, I agreed to let her eat all my semen. She is blowing my cock like no one else today and I enjoy that. I am enjoying it as well, trying to fight against a premature cumshot. I love watching her mouth working on my dick. Because she is blindfolded, she can’t see me. Therefore, I can stare at her working on my dick. This makes me so horny. No matter how strong I am, it will always end the same, a massive cumshot.

Massive load

I have tried my best to delay this moment. But now, I just can’t hold back my cum anymore. I grab my dick and aim at her mouth while she opens it wide. The first load rushes into her mouth while I keep on cumming. Every drops land in her mouth. She wouldn’t lose a single one. My penis keeps on expelling my sperm. She receives all batches in her mouth prior to swallowing them in the blink of an eye. She really loves my sperm and even pumps the leftover remaining in my cock after swallowing it.