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It doesn’t take long to reach the point where I won’t be able to hold back my sperm to flow. Today I want to watch the white stream filling up her mouth. When I feel it’s coming out, I stand up above her mouth and start tossing huge loads of sticky and creamy cum inside her mouth. I can see her tongue vanishing under the cum flow, her white tooth sparking inside that lovely pink and white mess. And when my balls finish jizzing the juice of god, she closes her mouth, licks her lips, opens it again with a smile of an accomplished job to show me that she did swallow all pack of cum!

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I need a girl who does cum swallow. A little bit tired of always cumming inside my African regular girlfriend. So I go to the beach and start chatting with local slut strolling there. After a few minutes of bargaining, I get this ebony girl ok to swallow my juice. I don’t like her ass but I have to confess I am found of her mouth. Even if I doubt she is able to swallow my semen, I take my chance for less than 20$. In any case, she doesn’t swallow me, it worth it. Let’s try that new black bitch!

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When at home, I noticed that big boobs a little bit falling down, but quite exciting. As usual, I sit down on my couch, I open my leg while she gets half-naked. And she sits down between my legs. She starts blowing my dick that I didn’t even wash, and she does good blowing like a pro. Wanks my cock, eats my balls and that is quite amazing for a girl I never met before. She is young and really skilled sucker and she gives me great moment inside her mouth

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After some minutes of taking care of my penis, I decided to test her word about swallowing my sperm. I order her to blow my nuts while I start wanking my dick, the black chick stares at me like a real slut until I can’t help anymore cuming. So I bend down my dick to enter the head inside her mouth. When I got ready I toss all my juice inside her mouth, staring at her while she is starring at me. Unbelievable how she swallowed all my loads while I am emptying my balls inside her mouth. I met a girl of one word, she does swallow the cum of an unknown guy she just met half an hour before! Though I don’t even clean my cock. Real African SLUT!!!!

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