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African Blowjob

African blowjob day today. I summoned my little ebony teen black whore to do me a tongue massage. And of course, she did come to perform what she does best: African blowjob. Once again my balls are full of one week of no sex at all. Another way to say that they are full of thick and sticky sperm, ready to overflow inside her mouth. I specially shaved my balls for that event, making it more graphic. I am sitting on my couch, opening my legs to that ebony teen creature, and she knees down the ground to start the job. Hmmm!

Ebony sucks white cock

Not every ebony teen can suck good. But all white men in Africa are begging for blowjob to black chicks. Some of them are trying to perform a good blow job while they are not very talented. And some others have a natural skill to blow a shaft and making the man cum quick. A good girl with a nice blow will make more money and will have an opportunity to find a white husband. Because of that, almost all the black pussies in Africa will take their chance in sucking white cock, hoping to get a regular customer and/or a husband.

Cum in Mouth

There is three types of African teen sucking cocks. The first type will suck willingly but won’t accept to receive your cum inside her mouth. The second type will agree to blow your dick, receive the all cum in her black slut mouth but won’t swallow it. The third type, which is the best, will blow your cock, make you cum inside her mouth and, will willingly swallow all load of cum like if it was something normal. That very creature doesn’t swallow, but I am eager to find one who does.

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Ebony Teen

Ebony teen girls are wandering in the streets in Africa searching for opportunities to get money. Most of them are trying to sell their pussy around for a couple of bucks. And they are so curvy and busty. Those days with internet, those little chicks are sex educated with adult porn movies on their phones. So they are really able to reproduce what they see on screen to seduce white men. As they believe this is real-life to do so. Lucky me, when you have one ready to appear on camera. Here is what you can get.

Blowjob for Money

I like to get ready with my cam, sitting on my couch, when my black teen is at home. I like to take my time, knowing that it is happening right now, and she’s going to blow my dick. There is a very nice feeling of being sure that you gonna jerk off all your sperm inside her mouth. A power feeling of domination on that little black girl submitted to you for money. So that you don’t have to deal with anything else than receiving pleasure only for yourself. Then she starts the drill, she blows my cock. the first moment is paradise feeling.

Ebony Blowjob and cum in mouth

After a few minutes of working on my hard shaft, the outcome is impressive. A tremendous pleasure shakes my balls, tossing huge loads of sticky semen inside her mouth while she keeps on sucking. I can’t help cuming, staring at her bearing the strong tasty ball juice streaming out of my dick. What a terrible moment of power, knowing that she has to finish what she starts until I signal that’s over. She is my black chick toy and she can’t deceive me. I definitely love those black little whore!

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Amateur Ebony

My amateur ebony teen is back again after one week without jerking. I couldn’t help thinking about her and I was about to cum while sleeping last night. Honestly for less than 30$ it would be a shame not to call her. I was watching her by the window walking down the street coming to my place. I enjoy spying her coming, thinking about that very moment she was going to receive the big load remaining inside my testicles. And now she is here, with her bubble butt and her skilly black mouth. She is my whore.

Interracial Blowjob

Ready with my cam I let her grab my dick and start licking the head. I watch her mouth and her tongue working on my shaft, licking and sucking like a pro. I know I won’t be able to hold back that much my precious god juice inside my balls. While my dick is getting hard and hard, I am trying to delay the very moment I am going to release the flow. Acting with her hand and her tongue like a bitch I just let my self come and my down belly getting in a fire while the first load shakes my testicles.

Sperm in her mouth

Violent orgasm shakes my balls and my cock. A huge load of sticky and tasty semen flows inside her skilly mouth. Creamy cum streaming out of my cock to fill up her mouth. She has to let it drop along my dick to let her mouth keeping the job until my pleasure goes down. Jesus, she is a real black bitch, pouring all my semen out of my balls. I will never get fed up of that drill because I am fond of that shit. She is now trying to keep a decent facial look while the cum taste is very strong. I love that black chick!

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