Jizz On Pussy After Good Blowjob

I am about to jizz on pussy’s little ebony teen girlfriend. Jizz on pussy is the best graphical sex outcome. There fore she’s going to suck my penis very well to make it hard. I love her mouth when it blows my cock and lick my balls. That girl is very sweet and she does it slow and good, just like I love to. Not to blow all my juice inside her mouth is a real challenge. When my cock is trapped inside her mouth, it shouldn’t stay inside too long unless I want to cum inside. So after a couple of minutes, I have to penetrate her little tight and black vagina!

White Panty On Black Pussy

The best moment is when I scrub my dick on her panty. At this time you know you are going to penetrate her. It’s just a matter of time, so I like to take my tme and play with the last barrier before her genitals. After rubbing my dick on her panty, I rub it on her lips. Sweet feeling of being on the verge of penetrating her, melting our cyprine and make sure she feels me good.

White Semen On Black Muff

After a week of sex abstinence, my balls are pretty ful of thick and sticky juice. She is going to receive the all packet on her young shaved pussy. When I am about to blow my load I pull my big cock out of her strawberry and watch the juice spreading all over her ebony skin, sticking on it like cream. The smell of her muff melts with the odour of my cum. Pleasure is intense while my testicles are getting empty, shaking my down belly with pleasure waves. When my water gun stops sending the milk, I empty the las drops manually, to be sure she gets it all over her cunt!



Vagina Farts Full Of Cum

I want to make her vagina farts with my big dick. Her pussy is so tight it used to farts when I push in, extracting air from inside. Best position to make the air blow out of her cunt is doggy style. As a matter of fact this position is a great domination. Watching her back bending down while her ass is staring right above my cock. I love to play with her panty, remove it and then play with my cock between her buttocks. When my cock is hard, ready to fill the gap, I can head it to her muff.

Pushing In Her Poon

When my cigar is quite hard, it’s time to scrub it on her lips. Most of the time it used to melt my cyprine with hers. I love the sound of emmitted, the color contrast and the smell. I push my dick in and feel her lips wrapping up around my stick, I feel the air captured inside. If I push a little more, it’s going to fart and get out at once. Best moment of pleasure when touching the bottom of her poon. By pushing a little stronger, some more air is going to be released with force, that’s what it’s all about.

Sperm Bubbling Out

My balls are full of thick spooge, and it’s time to fill her purse with. Very good shockwaves trigger my balls to shoot big loads of the hot juice. I push in each shake, releasing big loads deep inside her. That is the best moment. My water gun is flooding her cunt as long as I empty my balls. Now that she is ful of my sperm, I love to watch it drop down, bubbling out and farting air, filling the gap my cock greated.I really love that girl!



Cum On Belly, But Blowjob First

I lovve to cum on belly, but first I want my little ebony girlfriend to suck my cock and spread salive to lubricate my penis. Sperm contrast on black skin is relevant and I am going to cum on belly today. She blows my dick and I feel it so good. So I am getting hard pretty quick. Her mouth is sweet and her tongue quite perfect. She dribbles saliva on my shaft. It makes it lubricated before penetration. When she starts kneading my testicles, the pleasure is at the top. My cock is now hard enough to enter her vagina.

White Cock In Black Shaved Pussy

I am getting inside her shaved pussy like in butter. She is already wet . She must have been excited by the drill. Holy shit, I do love the softness of her skin whiil I push inside her tight little pussy. My dick is hard as hell and my testicles are cantracted by the pleausre. I keep on pushing in, enjoying the friction of her cunt on my penis. She is narrow like a little girl and I love to be inside her!

Huge Loads Of Cum

When I can’t hold back my hot juice anymore, I pullout my cock and spread semen all over her little shaved pussy. Hmm, the pleausre is huge while my cock is tossing my balls content. White cum on black skin is a very nice color contrast. Her pussy is embalming while the sperm odour is melting with. The mix of the two is taking my nose while I am emptying my balls over her nice ebony little cunt. My balls are tight and my cock hard as wood. What a beautifull result emerging on her down belly. A beautiful and sexy work of art.

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