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I love my black teenager girlfriend and her lovely pussy. I say teenager beacause she is 19 years old and at this age, you are considered as a teenager. However she is a ebony teen chick, she is very mature and she always say yes for a fuck moment. She came with her little yellow short panty, which contrast very well with her skin color. She wants my cock in her while she knees down. And by the way, she wants my money in her pocket too. I love that concept to fuck for a cheap price whenever she needs it. Which mean she needs it all the time.

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I flap my cock on her buttock to make it hard while I am contemplating her beautiful and sexy back. Her skin is so soft and shining with gold reflects. It doesn’t take long for me to be hard as hell, dropping down her yellow sport panty to let appear her beautiful black strawberry. My cock is getting wet and I don’t wait for her to be wait as well to insert my self in her. Always a big pleasure to force my penis inside her genitals, opening her big lips to go through the bottom of her cunt

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I am pushing inside her black pussy, grabbing her buttocks with my full hands. My big cock touches the end of her cunt every stroke. I know I am going to fill her pussy up to the brim. My testicles are full of sticky juice and I feel the orgasm coming up. When it comes, my balls contract and toss big loads of breeding juice, filling her hole. I stay inside to make sure the whole content of my testicles gets inside her. When I remove my cock, she drops the juice out of her pussy, bubbling and dripping between her lips.



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Today my black shaved pussy girl is wearing a donald panty. She is young and stuning, my little black shaved pussy. And I am going to fuck her little narrow vagina with a lot of willingness. Because of her exam I didn’t cum for one week . So now I am going to get back want she ows me the most. Her soft skin and pretty awesome smell miss me so much. I know my dick is going tp be hard at once to push inside her little pinky hole. So school is finished, and I am ready to fuck.

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I scrub my cock on her panty. She is all mine now. Her legs wide opened for me. I watch the Donald cartoon character printed on it. I am getting hard as long as I rub my cock on it to feel her lips right beneath. When I am ready to penetrate her pinky hole, I move sideways the panty, letting appear her vagina lips, scrub it a bit with my cock and insert it between her lips. Hmmm, I am feeling my dick scraping inside her cunt. I push in gently to open the hole……..

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It takes me long today to fuck her. I take my time, enjoying the hot feeling. My young ebony little chick is moaning under the work of my big cock. I love her skin, her boobs and of course her fucking hot pussy. So I keep on moving inside her untill I feel the moment I am going to cum. Today I want to see my juice all over her shaved black vagina. I pull out my cock and start spreading the juice all over her cunt. Big drops of cum are covering her genitals now. Outstanding



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My black step daughter is being fucked again. I love to call her step daughter because it makes me feel horny and make my cock very hard. I am eager to put my penis between her tits and play with it untill I get very hard. Her skin is soft and very nice to scrub on. My testicles get squeezed and get very hard. I keep on playing like that for a couple of minutes untill I feel ready to penetrate her little ebony african tight vagina. I love that little black girlfriend, she is my sexual toy, and I am now ready to push my penis inside her.

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Because my penis is now very hard, I insert it inside her very gently. I don’t want to hurt her. When I am inside, I start going in and out very gently as she starts moaning. I love to feel the bottom of her cunt with my dick head, force a little bit and then gull out a bit. She feels me inside her and moans at every move I make inside her vagina. It wont take long before my hot juice statrs overfilling my balls.

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When the time has come, I can’t hold back anymore the fire inside my testicles. Few pushes and the sperm jeyser flows inside her pink pussy. I push in as deep as I can to fill her with my hot juice. I can’t help pushing in and filling her tight little cunt with my hot juice. My balls are emptying themselves and I feel the juice wrapping up around my dick. She is now full of sperm and the orgasm in coming down. She is full of semen, and my dick pops out of her vagina when I pull it out!

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