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Look at that black ebony college girl I collect from the beach. She is quite a shy girl. Young black ebony girls in Africa are sometimes shy. But it doesn’t mean they are not going to refuse sex for money. On the contrary, they even might be very good partners that do not dare say no. And like any other little girl on the move, they want to experience sex with white men. Most of them like to meet a white dude to access something they wouldn’t with their people. Lucky for me, I am a white dude in Africa.

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When we get home, that little black chick removes her clothes and lies down the couch without a word. I admire her submission and I also do the same to be equal to her in that situation. After a few kisses and caresses, I scrub my dick on her African shaved pussy and it becomes hard very quick. Her hands behind the head give me the total access to her boobs that I eat unctuously. Being wet, I push my dick inside her tight and shaved pussy without even wearing a condom.

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So that little black girl is sweet and I don’t wait to be on the verge to toss huge loads of cum inside her. After a few minutes of penetration, I can’t help anymore holding back my juice. I jizz a very good load of thick cream all over her African teen pussy. while she keeps her legs wide open to receive that fantastic and very artistic load of semen. My orgasm is good as hell, witnessing a very sticky load of juice glueing over her vagina lips, clitoris and pussy hole. That’s when I discovered that I forgot to record the scene!

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Today I want an interracial cumshot in an ebony teen tight pussy. So I have to go to the beach to bargain with the chicks around there. I found that African pussy with a nice ass. Though she does not want to record her face. I am going to record her ass only. So I position her on the table. And I am ready to penetrate her pussy. Because she is shaved, bubble butt, it’s going to be awesome. My dick gets hard very quickly, my balls are full of cum. So let’s fuck that ebony teen bitch!

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God, she is very tight. And I don’t wait her to be wet to push my hard dick in it bareback. I can feel her bearing my cock entering inside. Nice ebony butt and shaved black pussy is the best combination to fuck good. So I played with her pussy, entering and taping my cock, she is honestly very tight and that’s very good. After a few minutes of that game I have to pull out my dick, ready to explode and what should happen happens. My testicles send the signal and I do explode on her beautiful ass.

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I start jizzing all over her ebony teen butt. My cum spread all over her ass, trickling between her cheeks, bubbling and sticking everywhere. So her black pussy is covered with thick cum, showcasing the inside pink parts of her black vagina. Huge loads of cum are now recovering her asshole up to her clit. That’s fantastic and very artistic to open her ass buttock, Because of huge cumshot drops of cum crawling down to her clit and falling down the ground. I literally covered that bitch with my juice of gods and I honestly do not regret to bring that African teen whore from the beach for my doggy style experience. What a beautiful ass and very tight pussy. I definitely love black teen girls. And I won’t stop doing them. Because of my addiction to sex, I have to keep on hunting them around.

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I try that ebony amateur once again. I give her a call to get home as soon as possible. Because of las time I wanted her to redo my cock in her mouth. She is not very skilled at blowing a cock. And she is more interested in money. Though she can suck I didn’t take as much pleasure as las time. She blows my testicles. She sucks my dick but I have less feeling for her today. Nevertheless, I am willing to jizz big cum inside her mouth once again.

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Just like last time I hide the cam to record her. Unfortunately, she didn’t position herself properly so that she shows her back most of the time. That’s why I categorize this video in the failed video, despite the fact that she did the job. She has beautiful boobs and her body is very nice. Tall and slim, she is really stunning. After some minutes of blowing my cock, I just let the cum shoot out of my dick inside her mouth. She takes it by surprise and didn’t really like the taste. She spits it out quickly and finishes the job by hand.

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I met a better prostitute than this one. However, she pours the juice out of my balls. That’s why I decided to show up the video even if I feel like it’s not my best shot. That’s the hazards of amateur videos in Africa. It might bring you very good moments but less good too. When I watch it, I still feel excited by that very moment I spent with her, especially thinking that it’s a hidden cam. I like to remind her face with sticky cum inside her mouth she has to spit. Failed video but a good memory.

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